Confessions of a Half-mad Housewife

{December 23, 2010}   Shout Out

To all of you who know TNO, this post will come as no surprise,  he’s the best husband a girl like me could possibly have.

Due to the Christmas season, I got out of work at 1pm and, since we had the extra time, we decided to take the whole family up to Saint Louis to see the light display at the zoo.  This meant that after work, I rushed home, changed clothes, and we all piled into the car for the two hour drive.

Just prior to our departure I held two small debates with myself: A) should I wear a sweater, and B) Did I want my heavier Carhartt or my more stylish leather jacket. Reflecting that it hadn’t felt that cold on my way to the car this afternoon, and that yesterday had actually been pleasantly warm, I opted for no on A and the leather jacket.

This seemed fine, until we got out of the truck at the restaurant we’d selected for dinner. Since the sun had gone down, and the breeze had picked up slightly, it didn’t seem quite so warm any more. I thought silently that I should have at least worn the sweater, but chose not to say anything because there wasn’t anything I could do about it right now.

TNO, noticing something, said, “Maybe we can find you a stocking cap or something at Sam’s Club, and by the way, let me know if you need my coat.”

Well, you can all see where this is going. Long story short, after we exited the store, it was decided that I would take his Carhartt, and he would wear his motorcycle jacket (which would block the wind and nothing else). Needless to say, my wonderful husband spent an hour and a half outside, after dark, wandering around the light display at the zoo in 32 degree weather with the equivalent of a windbreaker whilst I stayed cozy bundled up in his oversized Carhartt.

So, I say that TNO deserves a  shout out as the best husband ever!


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