Confessions of a Half-mad Housewife

And I’m not talking about TNO. That’s right. C.C. is potty trained. She’s a master of the number one and the number two. An expert of the toilet paper, and a fanatic of the hand washing. However, the flushing and the redressing, not so much. Thus, I spend my life reminding my child that undergarments and trousers are not in fact optional.

Who knew that potty-training and nudity went hand-in-hand? Well, aside from TNO, that is.


{January 15, 2013}   Suggestions Wanted

Here’s the scoop, Amazon’s hosting a publishing contest for completed manuscripts, and it just so happens I have one. It needs a good polish, but I figure, what the hey, it’s worth a shot. So, if you’re looking to do a quick read on a novice rough draft, shoot me an email through facebook, and if you just so happen to be a title genius, read the summary below and leave me a suggestion in the comments. I’ll take suggestions through Wednesday and have a poll up to vote on the options from Wednesday through Friday. Thanks for all the help.

All Raisia wanted was to choose her own destiny. Instead, she ends up the last of her line and the pawn in an ancient feud between rival immortals who seem to care very little that the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Without any other choice, Raisia must move past the distrust of her people, cross the threat-filled wilds of her world, and obtain the only weapon that can destroy the threatening evil. The Blade of the Briar can kill any creature, mortal or immortal with a single stroke, but it will only work for one person. Is Raisia the right one?


Title suggestions folks?

Sound familiar? If I cared to count, I’m sure I could find half a dozen or so return posts that contained a resolve, but this one is slightly different. To begin with, it starts with a new feature–The Hectic Zen. This is the feature where I, the Half-Mad Housewife, share what I’ve learned about maintaining calm in the midst of insanity. It’s also unique in that this post is somewhat personal because to explain my new resolve, I have to share a confession that I otherwise might not.

You may have noticed that shortly after it’s last restart, Confessions once again came to an abrupt and grinding halt. The truth is, so did pretty much every other aspect of my life. I stopped writing. My thesis work became drudge work–something that try though I might my focus and interest lacked. Everything seemed pressing. In need of immediate attention.In fact, the only thing I really wanted to do was escape into one fantasy world after another.

The more time passed, the less I accomplished, the worse the feelings of being out of control and under a lot of pressure became. The more pressured and worried I got, the more I withdrew. Vicious cycle, no?

Ultimately, things hit a breaking point, and when that happened, I learned a few things about myself. For one, I’m far too demanding of myself and not nearly accepting enough. I over schedule my “must dos”, held expectations at super human levels, and experienced high degrees of disappointment and discouragement when I failed to live up to them. The only solution seemed to be cut back, try and take it easier, which resulted in more of the same listed above. Play in worlds that don’t exist with worries of insufficient progress and failure ever looming in the background.

That’s a whole lotta hectic and very little zen. It’s draining and everything that you undertake, or don’t, comes with it’s own new set of worries. So, in part at the mandate of my husband and in part out of my own desperation, I undertook a little journey of self-discovery. I learned that I carry too much from my past and that this leads me to set unrealistic expectations and hold myself accountable when I predictably fail.

So here’s the zen. Relax.

That’s right. It’s that simple. I’m learning to not demand so much of myself, perhaps coax a little here and there, but in the end accept what I’ve accomplished as being good enough rather than over-taxing myself and sucking all the fun out of life.

So here’s my resolve. Confessions is back, but as I can manage it and not on a timetable, this time. That’s my way of letting myself off the hook. Let myself create when I’m in the mood instead of trying to force the wit.

So check in from time to time for more Confessions. Cause I’m back. And this time, I’m going to be nice to myself.

{August 20, 2012}   Another C.C.ism

C.C. is very informative. If you don’t believe me, simply read the following conversation.

C.C.: I need help with something

Me: What do you need help with?

C.C.: Mmmmmmmm…

Me: It sounds like you’re looking for attention.

C.C.: I need attention.

Me: Do you want a hug and a kiss?

C.C.: No. That’s not attention.

Me: A bonk on the head?

C.C.: No. That’s not attention.

Me: Do you want me to stare at you constantly?

C.C.: No, that’s not attention either.

Me: Do you want me to follow you around and worship the ground you walk on?

C.C.: Noooo. That’s not good attention.

Me: How about a cup of juice.

C.C.: Oh! That’s good attention.


At least the girl’s easy to please.


{August 15, 2012}   C.C.isms

As expected, the end of summer brings the return of my work season, which, naturally did not escape C.C. notice. Two days back at work each brought their own reaction, each of them particularly funny.
Day One

C.C.: *snuggled up in my lap cuddling for dear life*: Mommy, you went to work without me.

H.H.: Yes, well, I’ll have to do that more often now.

C.C.: I can come with you. I can come with you on my bicycle.


Day Two:

H.H.: Hey, C.C., Mommy gets to stay home with you tomorrow.

C.C.: *as if I were being strange* Why?


Ah, how quickly the independent toddler adjusts.

One of my recent discoveries (as in within the last year) is the definition of the term meme.

meme   /mēm/ noun: An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one internet user to another (Google)

Along with the discovery of the definition, I, also, discovered several fun memes like:

the lolcatz,

Most of the Lolcatz do.

the hey girl ,

No reason for me to like this one at all.

or the “What I do” memes.

Is my nerd showing, yet? (That last one occasionally feels true, by the way.)

What does this have to do with the renewal of Confessions…quite simply this. The following miniaturized version of the “What I Do” memes.

So, what I think I do:

Look, look at me! I’m amazing.

And here’s what I actually do:

Don’t even ask what happened with the school building.

The long and short of it is, I have lots of ambition. In fact, I’m a bit of an overachiever. Note, I’m not claiming to be a successful overachiever as usually my ambition takes the form of  “Let’s pack as many lofty goals into as short a time period as possible” which is followed by me getting stressed out, burned out, and not achieving any of them. This summer being a prime example. On my to do list: two blogs to resurrect, a thesis to write, a novel to edit, and a curriculum to revise and THREE WHOLE MONTHS to do it all. To date, I have successfully completed none of these goals. The problem, just that–the balancing act is too much.  What does that mean here? Have I resurrected Confessions simply to send it to its final cyber death? Nope. It just means that I have to prioritize. Focus. And let up on the deadlines a bit. So look for Confessions (or a tale on Story Time) on Sundays and in the mean time, I’ll get my groove on in academia land. Sorry for the delay, folks.

(Oh, and did anyone note that the new girl on the side of the screen looks slightly mentally unbalanced if you consider the image in light of the blog title? Now you do. Welcome to my mind.)

We’re still in the rebuilding phase (planning, drafting, revising, and what have you) but these are the results of the poll. You asked for them, and so you’ve got them:


The Naked Truth

The Hectic Zen

List Lunacy

See You June 18, 2012!

{May 29, 2012}   Confessions Is Returning

Please stand by while we upgrade our awesomness levels.

The next confession of the Half-mad Housewife will arrive on June 18, 2012. In the meantime, please feel free to participate in the poll.

{October 31, 2011}   C.C. Caper number 3,064

Well, it’s finally happened. Our little princess had her first big girl illness, a sinus infection of all things, complete with fever, cough, and drippy (and by drippy I’m talking the Niagra falls of boogerville) nose, sinus pressure and all.


So, even after a couple of days on her antibiotic, it didn’t really surprise me that she was complaining about her nose and trying to pick at it again. Given that most of her snot falls had dried up pretty quickly as the antibiotic cleared out the infection, she seemed to be “suffering” from crusty booger induced congestion in addition to some mild sinus pressure.


Even so, she seemed persistently concerned about this particular booger—enough so that she’d stopped snacking on her cereal to continue picking at and whining about it, so I mommed up and called her over.


Lo and behold it wasn’t a booger. Not even sinus infection related in the least. No, my child’s nostril malady was nothing other than one neon-green-swirled, purple kibble of Trix brand cereal.


Removing it was not the hard part, indeed it popped right out when I stuck my finger above it on the outside of her nose and pressed down. No, the hard part was trying not to giggle as I explained to C.C. why cereal, or really any food for that matter, doesn’t belong up her nose.  Of course, she promptly agreed with a compliant okay—followed up by a precocious “Why?”


But that stage is a whole other caper.

{October 31, 2011}   Excuse My Absence

You may have noticed a distinct lack of noise emanating from the confessions’ corner during the last few weeks and, as any of you who are parents know well, silence is never a good sign. That’s right, the last few weeks at Confessions’ Condo have looked a little like this

That's some concentrated insanity right there.

As such, for the sake of preserving what little sanity I have left to me, I trimmed a little off the edges of my to do list, and, unfortunately, blogging was one of those luxuries I chose to go without. However, things seem to be coming back online and I hope to be able to get Confessions back on track starting with this Wednesday. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, because I have a confession to make.

et cetera